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2 Wochen Freiwilligenarbeit in Griechenland, Tierheim Projekt – Straßenhunde

Erfahrungsbericht Europa, StraßenhundeI stayed for two weeks in Greece, helping at the dog shelter. It was a really great experience that I am so happy to have done – everyone was friendly, the work was demanding but satisfying, and it was really nice to spend the day around beautiful dogs. I went alone, and found the city to be a safe, easy and pretty place to stay in. The afternoons after working were relaxing, and it was nice to spend the rest of the day chilling by the beach having felt accomplished. The dogs at the shelter made the work go by very fast; they are all so friendly, and desperate for attention. It was difficult to say goodbye to them, as you become very familiar with them. I really recommend spending time volunteering here; it is such a great and necessary cause. I will most likely return.

Freiwilligenarbeit Europa Erfahrungsbericht