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2 Wochen Freiwilligenarbeit mit Straßenhunde in Griechenland, ein Bericht von Laura

Freiwillige mit Hund, VolunteeringI volunteered in Crete at an animal shelter for 2 weeks but would have loved to stay longer. You can see that the people who work there genuinely care about the animals and love their job. It was so much fun to play with the dogs and walk them. They were just the sweetest and gave me so much love. After work I spent a lot of time exploring the island with my roommate and I can tell you, it’s worth a visit!

The apartment I stayed was very close to the shelter directly at the sea. So I enjoyed walking to work for like 10 minutes next to the beach. It was very nice and the people were really friendly. Whenever I had any questions or anything else they were always there.

When I think about this time, I am just so happy and thankful for the experience, the people I met and the adventure. I definitely will go back to Crete one day and visit them again.

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